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Effective October 15, 2012, Access-Able Designs, Inc. was awarded GSA/VA Schedule 65-II-F, Contract #V797D-30010 by The Department Of Veterans Affairs.

FSC Group 65, Part II, Section F
Patient Mobility Devices
NAICS Code 339113

GSA is the acronym for the General Services Administration, which is the primary procurement arm of the Federal Government.  GSA/VA Schedule 65-II-F, Contract #V797D-30010 is a 5-year contract providing Access-Able Designs, Inc. with a contract vehicle to conduct business with the Federal Government.  A GSA/VA Schedule Contract simplifies the acquisition process for federal agencies.

Currently, the following products have been approved on Access-Able Designs, Inc.’s GSA/VA Schedule Contract:

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These products are listed under the following GSA/VA Categories or Special Item Numbers (SINs):


The following are a few of the many benefits we believe you can expect to realize depending on your particular situation:


Access-Able Designs, Inc. provides a complete cost-competitive product line of Patient Mobility Devices.  All of our products will last for 15-Years or longer, supplying our customers with less replacement costs.  The Folding Toilet Transfer Benches are a patented design by Allen Garrett, President of Access-Able Designs, Inc., who has been a quadriplegic for 25+ years.  The Folding Toilet Transfer Benches can be a lifesaver that at least a third of the disabled veterans could benefit from.

For additional product information, please visit our website, or feel free to contact me directly.

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Access-Able Designs, Inc.

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