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The New Transformable LapDawg™ X4 Laptop Stand

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"The Swiss Army Knife of Laptop Stands"

- 5 table tray modes to choose from.
- Push button and auto-locks into place.
- 360 degree adjustable angles.
- 5.29 lbs, handy carrying case included.

It’s more than just a laptop holder or a laptop stand. It’s a multi-purpose transformable table tray to help you organize better. Eat, study, write or compute comfortably with in any home or office environment.

3 Different Styles

Model A4 Comfylap

Model A6 Comfylap

Model A7 Comfylap

  • Stands up to all eight courses
    There’s the soup. Then the salad. Then the main course. Not to worry – a LapDawg™ TV Tray can take it all. The pop-and-lock mechanism in the legs makes it easy for you to adjust the tv tray to whatever height is comfortable for you, while the legs lock into place for a stable surface for your dinner.  

  • Two tables for the price of one
    Not all TV dinner trays were created equal. With a LapDawg™ TV dinner tray you get two surfaces to choose from, depending on what’s for dinner. The bowl of soup isn’t going anywhere on the groove, slip-resistant side. Flip it over and you’ve got a table with a raised edge, perfect for leaning your wrist on when you’re cutting through that thick, juicy steak.  

  • Get ready for game day
    Line up the chips, popcorn and drinks and enjoy the game or that movie rental in comfort and convenience. A LapDawg™ TV dinner tray holds all those game day or movie night essentials so you never have to leave the comfort of your couch! Except for bathroom breaks, of course.

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