The Portable Pool Lift
The Portable PRO Lift™

portable pool lift
Model IGAT-180 AD
In-Ground Above Deck Automatic 180 ° Seat Turn

EZ Pool Lift

Model IGAT-180/135
In-Ground Automatic
180 ° Seat Tur

The Patriot Portable Pool Lift
The Patriot Portable Lift™


The REVOLUTION pool lift
The Ranger Pool Lift™

The Scout
The Scout 2™ Lift

Pro Pool Lift
The PRO Pool Lift™

Revolution Pool LIFT

The Titan
The Titan 600™ Lift

Pro Pool Lift
The PRO Pool Lift XR™

EZ Pool Lift
The EZ Pool Lift™

Revolution Pool LIFT
Pool Lift Model IGMT
Manual 360° Turn

Pro Pool Lift
Model IGRC In-Ground
Recessed Cylinder Manual
360° Seat Turn

power pool lift EZ
Model IGAT-180
In-Ground Automatic
180 ° Seat Turn



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If you suffer from the restrictions of a physical disability, we know it can quickly become a difficult chore any time you want to go for a swim. If you are a handicapped individual with a private pool or a commercial organization that would like to make your building’s pool more handicap accessible, we offer you our services. We have a wide variety of pool lift products that are ADA compliant.

When you order one of our pool lifts, we give you our promise that you will receive a high quality and dependable product. Each of our pool lifts come equipped with a long list of features and benefits. Click on any of the products below for detailed information and additional images. If you have any questions about our pool lifts or the other products that we offer at Access Able Designs, please give us a call today so we can provide you with the answers!